Our little family recently took our first vacation as four. To say that having two kids is surreal is an understatement !!! Vacations with kids, let alone a baby, can be tricky. However, we found the perfect resort within driving distance–just a few short hours from NJ.  We spent the weekend at Villa Roma Resort, an all-inclusive and family friendly resort in the Catskill Mountains.

From the moment we arrived at the resort we felt completely comfortable and at home.  We stayed in one of the resorts 2 bedroom suites, and while the room was dated, it was clean and spacious. The bathroom included a soaking tub and stand-alone shower. Those two amenities alone were reason enough for me to be happy!

The front desk attendees were thoughtful and attentive and sent a crib up to our room for the baby minutes after our arrival!  Most rooms are equipped with long term amenities to cater to families and timeshare patrons and our suite included a full fridge, stove, and microwave. As this was a getaway from everyday life, I was not interested in cooking ANYTHING 🙂 And thankfully I didn’t have to! The all-inclusive food offerings were delicious and abundant and the food was absolutely one of my favorite parts of the trip.  They had all the chicken fingers, fries, and mac & cheese to make even the pickiest toddler happy, and gourmet offerings for the adults. My favorite meal I consumed while visiting was the duck breast. Highly recommended!

The mountain views at Villa Roma are bountiful and you’ll see them as you enjoy the many outdoor activities they have to offer. We’ll definitely have to go back for another visit because we weren’t able to experience everything, but some of our favorite activities included swimming in the outdoor kiddie pool (that was strategically planted just a short walk from the outdoor bar. Mom win!), the go-karts, zipline, and fishing in the nearby pond that was stocked by the resort.  There was a also a playground for the kids to slide and jump their energy out.

There were plenty of indoor activities too!  We loved the bouncy houses, and the indoor pool and hot tub.  When we return I’d love to check out the on-site bowling alley, and evening entertainment that includes magic and comedy shows.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Villa Roma.  I’d recommend it for families with kids of all ages. It’s the perfect getaway from the NJ/NY area and packs in so much fun for kids that they’ll ask to come back again and again. Was I exhausted after leaving? Perhaps. Was it worth it to see the bursting smiles on my kid’s faces and memories that will last a lifetime? ABSOLUTELY!