With Father’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to do something special and thoughtful for my husband. I wanted our toddler to be able to get involved and hands on this year and so I decided to us our new CRICUT JOY MACHINE to make him customized cards from me and the kids. This definitely kicks it up a notch from our usual construction paper and crayon cards 🙂

My son loves working on projects and while the Cricut Joy is a bladed machine that absolutely requires adult handling, kids can definitely get involved. A supervising adult can safely and easily control the machine via bluetooth!

I allowed my son to pick which design we would print and even let him feed the card mat into the machine. His little 4 year old eyes lit up as he saw the machine needle moving back and forth creating the design he had picked out! This is just one of HUNDREDS of crafts this bad boy can spit out! I plan on using it to make custom mugs, bags, and T-shirts soon, but here are instructions on how to make these easy but eye-catching cards.

Materials needed:
-Cricut Joy insert cards (we used the 4.25 in X 5.5 in)
-Gray/Silver Holographic Insert
-Cricut Joy Card Mat

No Step by Step directions are needed. While the card is impressive, making it is as easy as 1,2,3. After downloading the Cricut Design Mobile Application, SEARCH for ‘Dad Card’. After adhering the INSERT CARDS to the CARD MAT, use the mobile app to start the process. The machine will automatically feed the card into the machine and start the process of cutting the design into the card. Once the design is done being cut (it takes all of 45 seconds), insert the HOLOGRAPHIC INSERT into the corner cuts one at a time until all corners are aligned and the insert lays flat inside the card. Voila–a custom card ready to Enjoy!