Credit (gasp). It’s a word that elicits so many feelings…namely pride or embarrassment. For that reason, many people categorize it as a taboo topic of conversation. Much like a person’s salary, it’s something people don’t really talk about. #sponsored EXTRACREDIT

Knowledge is power and taking one’s credit and score seriously is a crucial part of navigating an independent and flexible adulthood. Good credit can afford you lower interest rates, lower loan payments, and more overall financial opportunities. I’ve teamed up with’s new credit coverage program, ExtraCredit, to highlight it’s unmatched tools to help you work build, guard, track, reward, and restore your credit profile! I recently started a free monthly trial of the service and I feel empowered to take control of my financial health and build it—and you can too!


Signing up for ExtraCredit is quick and easy and you can find the free trial sign up link by clicking here. After filling out the required info, your one month trial begins and your calculated credit scores appear. ExtraCredit shows you the scores that lenders actually use to make credit decisions, unlike free credit score sites.


You can track your credit using 28 FICO® scores, all 3 bureau reports, and credit monitoring. I especially loved the fact that you can build your credit profile simply by adding rent, utilities and even your phone bill as credit tradelines. If you pay rent, add it to your credit profile to get the credit you deserve.


ExtraCredit covers all aspects of your credit. Instead of paying for credit and dark web monitoring, $1M in ID theft insurance, rent and utility reporting separately, you can save a lot of money by signing up for ExtraCredit, which has 5 features for one low monthly fee.


It’s never too late or too early to take your credit seriously. As a #Credit.comPartner, I’m confident that I can go to any lender and see the credit scores they are seeing. Sign up today for ExtraCredit’s FREE TRIAL by clicking here! No other product is as fully loaded as ExtraCredit.

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